Our customers have their say.

Michael in NV  First off I usually never give a testimonial but I'm so impressed with Onyalist that I'm giving it TEN STARS out of five.

I just want to say you both have put together a very, very exceptional product.

I used to have to pay my webmaster $100 per capture page and now in just 60 seconds I can create capture pages all day long! It's amazing.

Anybody who is truly serious about marketing online needs this product.

All the best,
Michael in NV

Aziz Jangbar  No More Ugly Lead Capture Pages!

Onyalist has made it extremely easy to create beautiful attention getting Lead Capture Pages in a jiffy.

Anyone can follow the simple instructions and have a professional looking page up in no time. OnyaList allows me to market anything I want at any time while building a list at the same time, all without any headaches.

This is a tool that every serious online marketer needs. The cost to have OnyaList is ridiculously low for what you are getting. Personally, I would have paid a lot more to be able to use OnyaList.

Aziz Jangbar

Deborah Crayton  The one thing that stood out for me with Onyalist is the ease of use. Onyalist is a simple, no fuss way of creating landing pages that build your lists in as many businesses as you care to create.

Need a list for Company A - make a landing (capture) page for Company A. Need another list for Comany B - create a landing page for Company B. The lists of names, email addresses and phone numbers (if you chose) will be separated by the name of the page you create. How Kule (pronounced Cool) is that!

I love Onyalist and know you will too.

Deborah Crayton

Louis Harvey  OnyaList is a great marketing tool for anyone that has a business opportunity on the internet and wants to capture their own leads and control their own lists.

You can make unlimited income promoting your new capture pages too. I made mine in less than a couple of minutes.

I highly recommend you give it a try for your business it might help you improve your bottom line.

Louis Harvey

Dr Gene Hummel  Why I love onyalist.

It allows me to quickly setup a capture page for any site or blog I have.

The cost is inexpensive and is great for small or large firms.

This is a deal!

Dr. Gene Hummel

Roger Herbert  Hi Jane - This new product of yours has long legs, and will last for years to come.

The contribution to internet marketing you and Phil have made with your various products is astonishing.

All the best...
Roger Herbert

David Merrington  Wow, wow, wow! Jane this is magnificent. Well done indeed to you and Phil.

David Merrington

Walter Bebirian  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jane and Phil. This exciting new tool is definitely going to produce results for me that I could not create for myself.

What you have created has not only far surpassed what I perceived as a great way for me to let people know about my art - you have continuously added to onyalist and made it even more appealing, powerful and useful. You are doing more to help artists and photographers than any other business people that I have ever known.

All the best...
Walter Bebirian
The Bebirian Art Collection

Eli Vincente  Hi Jane,

I'm Loving Onyalist! Thanks to You and Phil for creating such incredible marketing sites.

Eli Vincente

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