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Thank you for visiting our website.  My name is Adam Walker and the beautiful girl you see in the picture above is my girlfriend Kristine.  We are from California and have been making money online for over 15 years now. With that being said we have been around the block for a while now and we know which opportunities are real and which ones are a waste of time.  If you're looking for a online mentor you've come to the right place!  Check out our TOP Home Business Opportunities on this page and get started with the programs that is the best fit for you.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will get back to you right away.  You owe it to yourself to take action and start living the life you always dreamed of!

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Succeeding Takes Only 3 Critical Steps Get Serious about Earning Money NOW!

There are only 3 Critical Steps To Making Money Online, I am talking about BIG Money Online!
LIFE changing Money that you and your family can rely on like we do!

Step #1: drive targeted traffic to your lead capture page, ie. Collect the lead 1st There are many ways to do this and I Teach YOU how to do them when you join my Team.

- Blogs (Like the one you are on)
- Solo ads

- Press Releases
- Article marketing
- Social Media, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter
- Offline to Online Postcards, Magazine Ads, Newspapers

Step #2: Build / collect / contain your HERD
Herd = LIST

Your herd is a group of people that have come into your marketing funnel, looking for information about a particular idea or opportunity that you offered.
You can attract them and keep them attracted to you, by offering a free report, cd, webinar, good content that informs and inspires, etc.
The more you cultivate your communication with your list, the more responsive and attracted to you they become.

Step #3: Creating Conversions

Shifting traffic (leads) into cash paying customers
This is where money exchanges hands from your prospects to yours.
You can create conversions almost on demand by providing good content (see step #2) which by default helps create the important know, like and trust equation so your prospects become your customers v/s someone elses.

Of course, this is a watered down version of the entire process, as there are many moving parts that make this process flow with little to no resistance, but what you've gained here today is the foundation from which to build off of.

You can build a stable $100K + income per year using this formula, in just about any niche imaginable.

Here is Some Proof (only a bit of proof) of what I am talking about and what My 6 Figure business has done for myself and my family:

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Join Team Leaders Adam & Kristine!

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