Refund Policy

You understand that by joining the Instant Postcard Wealth program, there's a $98 MONTHLY membership fee for full resell rights to this business.  You can cancel your monthly membership at anytime by contacting your sponsor within 3 days prior to your rebill.

Due to the 100% commission (member to member payment) structure of our program (Instant Postcard Wealth) as well as the intangible factor of our products (all web based), there are NO REFUNDS on the enrollment fees and/or the admin fees paid.

If you do not agree to the (NO REFUND) policy, then please do NOT enroll with (Instant Postcard Wealth) at this time. We (Instant Postcard Wealth, its affiliates, suppliers, vendors, etc…) will NOT be responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a direct or indirect result of your chosen participation in our program.

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