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Policies, Procedures, Terms and Conditions

There are absolutely NO Refunds on processed transactions. By completing your payment you are agreeing to the NO REFUND Policy.  All re-ocurring subscription products and services must be canceled in writing 3 days before your next rebill date. I keep very accurate records and evidence for all transactions through PayPal and These records will be given to our credit card processor in the attempt of a dispute, bank reversal, or reversal transaction. Also please do be aware that any attempts of fraud or ‘chargebacks’ (contacting credit card company to dispute a charge you did purchase) will be met by my legal team. We have a ZERO Tolerance for Chargeback Fraud! We will aggressively pursue fraudulent chargeback orders and will file criminal complaints to law enforcement.  Your IP address and computer location is tracked. We will forward all evidence to the proper authorities for prosecution.  We really appreciate doing business with our honest customers but this warning is for those who feel it's OK to commit chargeback fraud. It's NOT "OK" and we will take Legal Action civilly and criminally for those who breach our terms & refund policy.  If you're even thinking in the slightest on charging back, PLEASE DO NOT PLACE YOUR ORDER!

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